Yes you did not read it by mistake ” you can’ t do ” what I can ‘t do now, why can’t I ? You are saying this can not be said is very common both in our family and around as . For example, you have a dream of a university in the future, let’s say middle school in a high target course and everyone will laugh when you say the dream of university. Who are you the people who go to the university and who are talented students, maybe they will say that you do not know the name and surname get, but who cares about those who say you cannot do it why not do it so why not reach the levels you want… if you want to do sometingh what does the person in our society say you will not speak ignonantly no matter what they say, do not forget that if you think of the person, you will realize the dream of the person leaving your own dreams . The person reading this article if you are confient , let it talk about fifty worlds you go after your dreams , you can not do what they want despite those who say .”YONCA “